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Ugo Leone

// Software Engineer

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About() {

    I'm a developer based in Bologna (IT) with a strong
    passion for coding, electronics, music, photography
    and (obviously) DIY.
    I always try to interconnect different areas of knowledge 
    with each other, in order to explore new directions.
    In fact, I am constantly looking for new "projects to 
    carry out" to test and expand my skills.  


  *  Contact me @
  *  ugoleone.cavalcanti [at] gmail.com

Ugo@Mon, 26 Apr 2021 13:54:35 GMT $ Û

[0] :: Web Developing

I had the opportunity to create projects with Wordpress or Shopify and some web applications built from scratch with React on a AWS backend. I made some distributed systems, with JavaEE, too. Working with both REST and GraphQL API. At the moment I am particularly concentrated in this area.

/* Javascript $ Amplify $ React $ App */

[1] :: Embedded Systems

I made several microcontroller-based projects (Arduino, STM32) and also a video processing pipeline based on FPGA. In particular, I am very interested in SoCs.

/* Xilinx $ FPGA $ STM32 $ OpenCV */

[2] :: Robotics

I did some robotics projects, such as quadcopters or self-driving RVs. In particular, with N. Romandini and A. Al Sadi, we have created a robot capable of managing a tea room.

/* Quadcopter $ ROVs $ Arduino $ RaspberryPi */

[3] :: Intelligent Systems

Together with N. Romandini I made an agent capable of playing the board game Tablut. I am currently interested in deep neural networks.

/* Autonomus Systems $ AI $ Deep Learning */

[4] :: Audiovisual Experiences

I am one of the founders of the association Beyond Common Ideas focused in electronic music, visual arts and social impact of underground club culture. We developed software and hardware solutions for several interactive audiovisual performances and installations.

/* DJing $ Video Mapping $ Light Design $ DMX */

[5] :: Video Making

I made a short film, "Come al Solito" (2013), presented at Phoenix Film Festival 2014 (awarded Best short film), Visioni Corte 2013 (won) and Sardinia Film Festival 2013 (1st in school category).

/* ShortFilm $ Acting $ Photography */